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Roger Green

rgreen.jpgRoger is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. A lively and enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates and explores the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of this ancient philosophy. Integrating the various schools of Feng Shui into a creative, flexible and holistic approach, Roger is one of the most sought after educators and consultants. His teaching is grounded and very accessable, providing information and knowledge that can be applied and used immediately.

With twenty years of experience and practical involvement with Feng Shui and natural healing, Roger has developed a unique ability to communicate the subtleties of Oriental thought in a profound and meaningful way. He is a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west, having been one of the first to teach classical Feng Shui methods in Europe, London and America. He was the first to develop a western lo pan, and seminars to teach the 4 pillars, flying star, lo pan and ba zhai methods. Roger Green has also developed a unique system of Feng Shui for the southern hemisphere. He has taught in over 40 countries and 100 cities, and has trained hundreds of practitioners.

Organising Feng Shui study tours in China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and sponsoring Feng Shui and Ecology conferences in Prague, Zurich, Australia and the USA. He has also sponsored Sacred Geometry events in 4 continents. Roger Green conducts Professional Feng Shui Practitioner programmes in Europe, London, America and Australia. Roger's past teaching locations include: European School of Feng Shui - Sweden-Stockholm, Amsterdam, Prague, Zurich; Florida School of Feng Shui - Miami, USA; New York School of Feng Shui - New York City, USA, South America School of Feng Shui - Argentina, Brazil, Chile; Sydney School of Feng Shui - Sydney, Australia; New Zealand School of Feng Shui. He is a past founder and director of the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. Roger is currently teaching students at the following schools:

The New York School of Feng Shui
San Francisco School of Feng Shui
The London School of Feng Shui
The European School of Feng Shui
The Sydney School of Feng Shui

By Roger Green
'Feng Shui is often called "The Key to Good Fortune". The Feng Shui journey is a deep, poetical view of life's underlying influences. It is a language of Universal cosmology and change. We will explore what this means on all; levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and universal. You will learn the how and why of "Energy Design" techniques that have been associated with Feng Shui masters for thousands of years. You will learn how to combine the intuitive thinking processes of Feng Shui and analytical techniques, a blend of east and west, of right and left hemispheres of awareness'.

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